Get involved in the #MyVoiceMyReason campaign

Are you a woman? Are you angry about Brexit? Tell us why!

Women for a People’s Vote has started a campaign called My Voice My Reason where women across the country are filming themselves for up to 30 seconds explaining why they want a People’s Vote. Some are worried about their working rights. Some are worried about the future of their children and grandchildren. All of them are angry and frustrated at the way women’s voices and the issues that affect us have been excluded from the Brexit debate. And they’re taking back control.

To join them in having your voice heard, all you need is 30 seconds, and a phone camera. Film yourself saying the following sentence: “My name is [name] and I’m from [town] and I want a People’s Vote because…” and then give us your reason! Then simply email the clip to w4pv@peoples-vote.uk

It takes less than a minute, but it could make all the difference.

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